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Peppy's Adventure

A challenging 1-screen, tile-based, action-puzzle game controlled with directional inputs only. · By pepitestudios


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Update - UX Improvements
Hi all, Stars & Staff Records We decided to remove the 4-star records from levels to make sure players are not confused or think those are required to progress...
Update - Cutscenes
We added cutscenes to develop the storyline of the characters and introduce some in-game mechanics. We believe it was important to let the players feel the stor...
Update - Post-processing effects
Added post-processing effects to further convey atmospheres and improve immersion of the players, e.g. undergrowth effect, god rays, cold air, heat distortion...
Update - Improved Graphics and Optimization
Added decorative elements on ground tiles to improve overall visual quality GPU optimization with more efficient texture packing Minor bugs fixed...
Update - New Death Screen
Added a death screen allowing players to have more time to rewind time if they need Minor bugs fixes...
Update - Overall Graphics Improvements
World transition cutscene Water foam near shores and around floating objects Footprints, dust effects and particule effects when walking/running Enhanced animat...
Update - Time Rewind feature
The Time Rewind mechanic is bringing more flexibility to the gameplay by allowing players to undo previous moves up to 10 seconds. This is adding a fun and inte...
Update - Time Attack mode
Added unlockable Time Attack mode per World, with timer, splits, best run, etc...
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How do the foxes move? The foxes basically follow Peppy on the x and y axis. If at the same horizontal and vertical dist...
started by pepitestudios Oct 27, 2022
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Welcome to the Peppy's Adventure community. Feel free to come share your experience with the game, we are always happy t...
started by pepitestudios Oct 27, 2022
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