Update - UX Improvements

Hi all,

Stars & Staff Records

We decided to remove the 4-star records from levels to make sure players are not confused or think those are required to progress or to complete the storyline of the game. 4-star records represent the developer’s best times and are meant to be the ultimate challenge, but they are totally optional in the game.

As a consequence, levels will be shown as complete when the players get 3 stars, i.e. when the intended way of completing the levels has been found.

When a player gets 3 stars, developer’s record will still be shown as an information and players can get back anytime to any level to try to beat those times if they feel like it.

Time Rewind feature

Also, even though we tried to make the time-rewind feature obvious (through text, in-game signs, pop-ups, text added on the death screen, etc), we figured out some players just do not use it or maybe do not understand the power of this feature.

Sure, it not compulsory to use it, but using it considerably makes the levels easier to complete. Instead of dying and retrying from the beginning, players can just rewind time anytime and therefore explore different routes on the fly until finding the right one. It somehow could be seen as an invincible mode and avoids the frustration of doing things over and over again.

Therefore, we decided to reinforce the message by highlighting the feature on the death screen until players have accumulated 30 seconds of rewinding time.

Thanks for your support!

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